LISA EMMONS - Artistic Director

“Lisa Emmons has the audience holding their breath with every movement”

(Veronica Appia, The Theatre Reader).

Emmons founded Form Contemporary Dance Theatre in February 2014. Emmons aims to be open and available to the world around her as a source of inspiration and to foster collaborative artistic relationships resulting in intimate live performances. A graduate of York University with a BFA, Lisa has worked as a freelance performer, choreographer and instructor with Motus O Dance Theatre and many independent artists across Canada and internationally.  She attended the professional development stream of the Teacher Training Program at the National Ballet School of Canada; she loves to teach Cecchetti Ballet and modern/contemporary dance. Emmons is committed to fostering the growth of contemporary dance in Halton and founded the dance workshop transFORM, which has been available to dancers across Hamilton and Burlington. She is very grateful to the inspiring and passionate artists who create with Form CDT, her supportive and generous friends and family.